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Swamp Water Cocktail Recipe

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By Medusa

Swamp Water Cocktail Recipe

Cocktail Name

Swamp Water

Your cocktail recipe.

Mix together Midori, peach schnapps, and lemon-lime soda in a glass. Add a bit of sour mix (optional). Carefully pour some black raspberry liquor down the side of the glass to sit on the bottom.

Your inspiration.

Deceivingly Delicious. Swamp Waters are popular cocktails in Wisconsin that I've discovered no one has ever heard of outside the area. Last year, I finally cracked the code with the help of my bartender friend. So deliciously sweet, but they sneak up on you real fast!

Tips and Tricks

  • Lemon-lime soda can be your Mountain Dew, Sprite, Slice, Mello Yellow, Citra, etc.
  • The black raspberry liquor is heavy and if the green mixture is less dense, it should sit on the bottom no problem.
  • Don't stir it or you'll lose the layering effect
  • If you can find them, garnishing with gummi crocodiles makes this a show-stopper!

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