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White Witch Cocktail Recipe - Light Rum Cocktail Contest

Submit an Entry: Light Rum Cocktail Contest: July, 2010

By vmwales

Cocktail Name

White Witch

Your light rum cocktail recipe.

1 ½ oz. light rum

1 oz. Strega

½ oz. white crème de cacao

1 oz. cream

Cardamom bitters to taste

Glass: Cocktail, rimmed with white chocolate powder.

Method: Shaken over ice & strained.

Garnish: Dust with nutmeg.

Your inspiration.

I came up with this during the Halloween season one year. Strega being the Italian word for witch, it was a natural. I chose light rum as the base simply because I like rum and think vodka is overused.


  • The drink may sound overly sweet to some, and I won't lie... it's definitely sweet. But the bitters (I use Scrappy's cardamom bitters) can balance it out nicely. Strega being a digestif, this is meant to be a dessert drink, anyway.

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