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The Great Gazoo Non-Alcoholic Mixed Drink Recipe - Mocktail Cocktail Contest

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By vanongevalle

The Great Gazoo Non-Alcoholic Mixed Drink Recipe - Mocktail Cocktail Contest

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Jan Van Ongevalle

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The Great Gazoo

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Alcohol-free cocktails are becoming an international trend and are no longer seen as the little brother of alcohol-cocktails. It’s a drink with its own place and charm which has finally been taken seriously by the bartenders throughout the world. They are still a lot of people who don’t like alcohol, or aren’t allowed to.Think about our fabulous BOB (Belgian add campaign to create awareness against drunk drivers), pregnant women, people who don’t drink alcohol because of religious reasons or health problems…They are tired of drinking soda’s or coffee. While there friends are enjoying a nice cocktail.Also, we are in need of healthy products, pure and simple. Fast and tasteful. The idea for my cocktail is that it’s available throughout the year. It’s not very complicated and it doesn’t take a lot of time making it. If the customer can get it fast, there is more possibility that they are going to take a second one.You can drink my cocktail at any moment of the day. The cocktail doesn’t change, only the environment. Whether you’re in a restaurant, a bar or enjoying it by the sunset on a terraceThe garnish and choice off glass is chosen with care so people have the impression that they drink a glass full of vitamins, pure and healthy instead of mixed juices.

Tips and Tricks

  • Muddle the kiwi with the syrup,add all the rest dry, shake (shaken with no ice)
  • The egg white will lend a silky frothiness on the cocktail shaken with ice for 15 seconds
  • Double strain into a vintage glass.
  • Garnish with star anise, serve a chocolate a side. Cheers

Colleen Graham, About.com Cocktails, says:

This recipe is the winning entry for this contest. Read comments about the results here and the permanent drink recipe here.

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