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Reader Submissions: Strawberry Cocktail Contest: June, 2013


June 2013: Strawberry Cocktails
Deadline: Sunday, June 23, 2013

The theme for the June 2013 cocktail contest is strawberry cocktails. Your recipe must include strawberries or a strawberry-flavored ingredient (e.g. strawberry syrup, liqueur, infusion, etc.). If a particular brand significantly affects the cocktail's flavor, please specify. Keep in mind that the drink does have to be original, though it does not necessarily have to include alcohol.

If you have created a strawberry cocktail that you think could grab our panel's attention, submit it. The winning drink will be featured in a spotlight on About.com Cocktails and placed permanently in the cocktail collection.

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The Results:

The winning cocktail is Fresa Caliente. View the full contest results.

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