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Reader Submissions: Strawberry Cocktail Contest: June, 2013


June 2013: Strawberry Cocktails
Deadline: Sunday, June 23, 2013

The theme for the June 2013 cocktail contest is strawberry cocktails. Your recipe must include strawberries or a strawberry-flavored ingredient (e.g. strawberry syrup, liqueur, infusion, etc.). If a particular brand significantly affects the cocktail's flavor, please specify. Keep in mind that the drink does have to be original, though it does not necessarily have to include alcohol.

If you have created a strawberry cocktail that you think could grab our panel's attention, submit it. The winning drink will be featured in a spotlight on About.com Cocktails and placed permanently in the cocktail collection.

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The Results:

The winning cocktail is Fresa Caliente. View the full contest results.

Fresa Caliente Cocktail Recipe - Strawberry Cocktail Contest

The Fresa Caliente was created for the spring/summer cocktail menu at the Rattlesnake Bar, Dallas TX, to showcase the fresh flavors of spring and the spice of Texas. The infusion of strawberries into…More

Strawberry Basil Martini Cocktail Recipe - Strawberry Cocktail Contest

I work at a Thai restaurant and we had a sake dinner and I created this cocktail as the after dinner drink. The dinner was on our upper patio over looking the city, and I went to check on everyone at…More

Lovely 'Rita Cocktail Recipe - Strawberry Cocktail Contest

We wanted to create a summer barbecue margarita that wasn't overwhelmingly sweet. The flavors of fresh lime and savory rosemary complement the sweetness of strawberries in this icy treat! We also exp…More

Soft Kiss Goodnight Cocktail Recipe - Strawberry Cocktail Contest

We recently added some new dessert cocktails to our menu at Farmer Brown in San Francisco. I came up with this recipe while trying to figure out how to incorporate the newly ripe, perfectly sweet, fr…More

Pure Delight Cocktail Recipe - Strawberry Cocktail Contest

I created this drink for my wife on our second wedding anniversary, modeling it after one of her favorite salads – the strawberry balsamic salad.  This cocktail works because of the cleanl…More

Pinnacle Strawberry Shortshake Cocktail Recipe - Strawberry Cocktail Contest

Blended with our latest flavor innovation, Strawberry Shortcake, the Pinnacle® Strawberry Shortshake is a fun, grown-up milkshake that lets you have your cake and drink it too. Pinnacle Vodka wa…More

Strawberry Smile Cocktail Recipe - Strawberry Cocktail Contest

the freshet tang of strawberries is my inspiration and how that blends with peppercorn and gives a burst of spice to the drink.my inspiration is a famous dessert made by my grandma with farm fresh st…More

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