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Fleur de Lis Cocktail Recipe - Vodka Cocktail Contest

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By CincoVodka

Fleur de Lis Cocktail Recipe - Vodka Cocktail Contest

Cinco Vodka Fleur de Lis

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Fleur de Lis

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1.5 oz Cinco Vodka

.75 oz St Germian elderflower liqueur

.5 oz Cointreau

.5 oz Fresh-squeezed lemon juice

.25 oz Fresh-squeezed lime juice

1 Barspoon Simple syrup

Combine ingredients in a mixing glass and shake vigorously with ice to chill. Strain into a chilled martini glass.

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If you're having friends over for dinner, this a fantastic cocktail to serve beforehand. One sip of the Cinco Vodka Fleur de Lis, and you can single-handedly bring back the cocktail tradition within your circle of friends!

Like you would with any new dish, practice making this cocktail a few times before serving.

Tips and Tricks

  • Cinco Vodka is made from 100% American wheat, and has a bit of mid-palate sweetness. This is naturally occurring, as we don't add sugar to our vodka.
  • Use exact measurements when making the Fleur de Lis. It's a delicate balance, and just a fraction of an ounce one way or the other can alter the taste profile.
  • There is a lot of regional and temporal variation within fresh squeezed citrus, and you may need to tweak based on the tartness or sweetness of limes (for example).

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