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Sea Side Refresher - Pineapple Cocktail Contest

Submit an Entry: Pineapple Cocktail Contest: June, 2010

By CentAnniCocktails

Sea Side Refresher - Pineapple Cocktail Contest


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Victoria D'Amato-Moran

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Cocktail Name

Sea Side Refresher

Your pineapple cocktail recipe.

2.0 oz Distillery 209 Gin

0.5 oz Pineapple Honey Syrup*

1.0 oz Fresh Lime Juice

3.0 oz Fresh Pineapple juice

6 Basil Leaves, torn into peices

In a mixing glass add all the ingredients.

Add ice, cover with shaker tin, and shake vigorously for 40 shakes. The mix will become ice cold and frothy, while infusing the basil for a refreshing drink.

Strain into a chilled cocktail glass as in photo, or you can use a small hulled out pineapple!

* To make Pineapple Honey Syrup:

1 C. local organic honey

1 C.water

2 C.Diced pineapple ,cook,strain, cool.

Your inspiration.

My inspiration comes from the love of growing my own fruit, veggies and herbs, my passion for cooking and being a bar chef/bartender.

I was taught as a young child to grown your own food and never waste anything, so 7 years ago, I began making my own juices for my cocktails, utilizing farmers market fresh fruit and the fruit that grow inmy garden. I grew the basil for this cocktail. I also use a juicer on a regular basis to make anything that involves fruit for my drinks.


  • * Use only the freshest unbruised fruits and herbs for cocktails.
  • Taste before your pour, sometimes lemon or lime juice needs to be adusted depending on the fruit and time of year.

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