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Readers Respond: How do you get relief from a hangover?

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From the article: How To Cure a Hangover
The hangover is a dreaded side effect to drinking that has plagued the human population since alcohol was first made. If you ask 10 people how they treat their hangovers you are likely to get 10 different answers. Here is your chance to share your hangover trick.

Not only am I asking you to share from your personal experience, but I'd like to hear of any wacky and weird folklore remedies you may know of.

Disclaimer: I do not endorse any of the remedies submitted by readers, it is merely an opportunity to share. Before trying any of these suggestions, take into account potential consequences or consult a health professional. My Hangover Tips

the real cure

pedialyte, potassium pills, b12 and greasy food ie cheeseburger
—Guest josh roach

Before u drink

Please do not drink on empty stomach. This might sound like old news but I can assure u, u can handle ur drinks and hold down your food better if you eat before u drink. Few days ago I had 1 peg of scotch, 2 bacardis, one glass of wine and 4 glasses of vodka all within 3 hrs. But I had had food before and I was fine. Yesterday I came back from work and drank with a friend, just a few glasses of vodka. I did not have food for over 7 hrs and I ate as I drank. I threw up everything I had and then some. And I am still hungover as hell. Also please drink as much water as alcohol.
—Guest Coffee Lover

V8 and naked

16 oz of v8 tomato juice low sodium just sip it. Then go get a 64 oz bottle of naked which ever one is highest in potassium. Sip on that for a good 30 mins and you'll be fine.
—Guest Mk


eat at least 3 bananas, i learned it from a friend, tried it and it worked.
—Guest regie


There's this tomato drink called clamato, its delicious, especially for curing the all mighty hang over. I suggest buying the spicy clamato, it has a yellow cap, pour it into a tall glass with ice, lemon juice, salt and pepper.
—Guest c los

Simple, cheap and the most effective

Take a 100 mg potassium supplement, It works for me. Within about 15 minutes it makes the dark circles under my eyes and blurry vision go away, as well as the bloodshot eyes and their dry burning discomfort. The pounding headache and hearing the blood rushing past my ears subsides. The anxiety goes away, as well as most of that run down feeling. Within an hour the acid reflux, gurd, heartburn and dry mouth, bad breath and even the boozy body odor seems to go away. I almost feel completely restored. By that I mean I'm left feeling slightly tired, gradually increasing as the day goes on, as well as the eyes tend to get dryer and feeling warmer and increasingly tired as the day goes on as well. I discovered this remedy quite by accident. So far it's been 100% effective for me. I haven't any clue, however, if it may have any negative side effects from long term use such as liver damage etc. Though I can't imagine how since the body requires potassium anyway to survive.
—Guest Lorne DeWitt

Have done this

Drink a vanilla milkshake IT WORKS. I'm supposed to enter at least 50 characters but what else is there except DRINK A VANILLA MILKSHAKE. I'm 60 I knew about this remedy 40 years ago trust me IT DOES WORK.
—Guest Richard

Give up

ive read all these and i feel like complete shit. i suggest taking a shwer (it was the only thing that helped a little) and drink water. if that doesnt help a little bit then just give up and start drinking again :/
—Guest It hurts

My cure!

a McDonald's bacon egg and cheese biscuit, Vitamin B, unsweetened iced green tea and an hour long shower. After your shower, eat PHO, then wrap yourself up in a warm blanket and binge on water and Netflix!
—Guest Lemony Karla

Try it.

Dink a tea without milk, means lack tea, or take a small pack of drink which you had in the night.
—Guest Mahesh

for me

I am one of those people who cannot take nausea at all. Trying not to puke when I am hungover only makes me feel worse. If you are nauseous, just puke it up any way you can. After my stomach is empty I feel a lot better. Then I can slowly start drinking water, warm ginger tea, or soup. I wish I could do something about the headache though...
—Guest Guest


I know puking is awful but it helps me too. After the nausea calms, drink water but not too fast. Drink too fast and it hurts your stomach and you'll end up heaving again.
—Guest Deanna


Nothing works for me:( I think I will just stop drinking!
—Guest Becky

Cure your hangover..

After a long night of lots of alcohol, and maybe some throwing up. You just want it to be over.. Trust me, I've been in this situation a few times. lol Here are a few things to help your recovery time.. 1. Take 2 Ibuprofen for your massive headache. 2. Gatorade, NOT water.. Personally, after a long night of drinking, water only seems to make my stomach upset and feel very heavy. Gatorade replenishes your salt and potassium levels and helps with the thirst. But don't chug it! I know you will feel super dehydrated, but all chugging will do is make you throw up. 3. Eat toast or crackers. I helps bring your blood sugar levels up. Your liver uses most of it up to process the alcohol the night before.. Which is why you may feel shaky or weak the morning after. 4. Sleep! This is common sense. Lots of sleep always helps get rid of headaches and simply reenergizes you and your very tired brain and body. Hope this helps someone. It always does the trick for me.
—Guest Amber


Burnt Toast ,the carbon in the toast cleans the toxins from your blood,and lots of water
—Guest ged

My Hangover Tips

How do you get relief from a hangover?

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