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Readers Respond: How do you get relief from a hangover?

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From the article: How To Cure a Hangover
The hangover is a dreaded side effect to drinking that has plagued the human population since alcohol was first made. If you ask 10 people how they treat their hangovers you are likely to get 10 different answers. Here is your chance to share your hangover trick.

Not only am I asking you to share from your personal experience, but I'd like to hear of any wacky and weird folklore remedies you may know of.

Disclaimer: I do not endorse any of the remedies submitted by readers, it is merely an opportunity to share. Before trying any of these suggestions, take into account potential consequences or consult a health professional.


Go to McDonalds get three McChickens and a large sweet tea and eat it slowly eventually you will have off and on stomach aches but in about 20 minutes your stomach will feel replenished and you can go to work or whatever fits you
—Guest Dumbass


I had the worst hangover of all time. Just threw up everywhere multiple times, and I feel fabulous!
—Guest Ron Jon

the real cure

pedialyte, potassium pills, b12 and greasy food ie cheeseburger
—Guest josh roach

best cure ever

Alkaseltzer, water, and carby food before bed. Sleep. Alkasetzer, gatorade/ sprite, and chicken cup of noodle w/ lime and tapatio. Sleep. *if its really bad* Alkaseltzer, pickle juice, sprite, and popeyes chicken (spicy) meal.
—Guest bee

The Beast

First, get yourself a Poweraid, Drink a nice amount that fits you, and take a nap. Take a "Hot" shower the warm water will do your body good, and it is most effective if you turn around in the shower from time to time (Back to front) just leave on your underwear after you dry off, then take another nap. After that drink some more Poweraid and eat some "BREAD" and drink some Pickle juice. Works everytime. not all at once though but cause bread and pickle juice and Poweraid just sounds sickening. Space it out like its a normal does of meds. Hope this helps :P
—Guest Michael

best cure

I always find the best way to cure a hangover is more beer. But then the monday hangover is usually twice as bad, but you just need to man up and take it!
—Guest mystery

Eat a Banana

This is the long version. 1) Dissolvable multi-vitamine and asprin before going to bed and when you wake up. 2) Dont go to sleep on an empty stomach 3) A small coffee. 4) Eggs(boiled), they replenish creatine. 5) A banana. If you cant do anything else, eat a banana. Potassium is brain food 6) Light exercise. Alcohol gets absorbed into all of your tissues, so help your kidneys and liver out by sweating the crap out(Gross but true: Sweat and piss are basically the same...pit stains are yellow, right?). 7) The Hangover Baptism: If you have to work and life really, really sucks, fill the sink with ice water and soak your face in it as long as you can. It will take the swelling down in your head and by the time you get to work, the color should return to your face. An ice pack on your eyes and temples works but not nearly as well as a hangover baptism.
—Guest RTL

Vitamins B and C

I used to try to drink with my friends, but pretty much gave it up because it disagrees with me so violently. Some years ago, a friend told me to take Vitamins B and C before I went to sleep if I drank. So now, when I do drink, I always drink a lot of water and take B and C, and it works like a charm!
—Guest Robin

Milk Thistle

This handy little herb is very beneficial for the liver. Take a couple of gelcaps before going out and it will protect your liver like a bullet-proof vest.
—Guest Ed

Getting rid of a Hangover

One thing that works for me is sugar water. Take a cold glass of water and then take a tsp of sugar and stir it in. Then slowly drink it. For some reason it works for me. Hope it helps!
—Guest Matthew


Especially if your tummy isn't very happy, yogurt can really help. Alcohol kills bacteria, even the good bacteria in your digestive system. Yogurt contains active bacteria cultures and can help your digestive system replace some of what you killed last night. This always works for me and the cool creamyness just tastes good!
—Guest Dana

Mexican style

Eat munudo with lemon and hot sauce.lemon for vitamin c.hot sauce helps you to sweat out the the bad stuff.And then take it down with a sprite...
—Guest Hype

Always works!!!

Ok, this is a 2-parter: 1) A pint of water before you sleep 2) When you wake up, half a glass of milk, and half a glass of coke mixed together. Tastes a bit bleugh, but bloody hell it works like a charm :)
—Guest Scotty V

Hes something that works for me.

Excedrin Migraine either the morning of the H.O. or even better just before you go to sleep after drinking. Just remember you should have a healthy liver and be caffeine friendly. And lots of water. I don’t drink lots of water, but I know it helps. And EAT!
—Guest H.O. Helper

get tanked

Wake up and grab a beer then another then another and another. Chased with shots of bacardi 151 and cheap wine it works for me every time I have a killer hangover
—Guest jim morrison

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