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Readers Respond: Which Liqueurs are Essential in Your Bar?

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We all know that vodka, whiskey, and rum should be stocked in our bars, but what about liqueurs? Sure, we accept that there are a few universally accepted essential liqueurs (e.g. amaretto, orange liqueur) that are vital to creating the majority of cocktails and many of us are adamant about keeping those in stock. There are many other liqueurs, however, and some of us have our personal favorites that we could seemingly not live without.

Which liqueurs do you always ensure are in your bar? Is it an old-time favorite like Drambuie or one of the new liqueurs such as St. Germain? Maybe it is an obscure or local spirit that you use in your favorite drink. Maybe you have a specific brand of a certain flavored liqueur that you love. Share your essential liqueurs...

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