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Readers Respond: What New Cocktails and Shooters are Popular in Your Area?

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Cocktail trends can be tricky to keep track of because, for the most part, they are driven by where you are drinking. What is hot on the East Coast may be totally different than what is hot on the West Coast and completely different from what is going on in Europe or any other part of the world. Trends do get picked up and spread to a wider audience, but that is only if we talk about them and that can be difficult.

This is where you, the drinker, comes in. I would like to start a discussion in which we share some of today's most popular drinks (cocktails, mixed drinks, shooters) in your local area. It is very common for a cocktail to be created by one bartender and it travels through the area because drinkers ask the bartender down the street to make one up. It is a fun procession to watch.

The question here is whether there is a cocktail that is a hit in your area, has taken over the scene, and cannot be found when you travel? Tell us about it including a general idea of where to find it. If you know the recipe or ingredients, include those as well. Bartenders, I'd like to hear from you as well... is there a certain drink that everyone is or was asking for and you had to find the recipe to keep up with demand?

Note: If a recipe for a drink is unknown, there is a chance that I can find it and there is always the possibility that another reader knows it as well. Feel free to add the unknowns to this discussion.

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