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Readers Respond: Which brand of rum can you not live without?

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Rum is a very diverse liquor and it seems that everyone has a favorite, though many people stick with one of the big name brands. Which rum do you recommend for cocktails? Is there a certain rum that you find more versatile than others, a special find that you fell for after the first sip, or one that you recommend for a specific rum cocktail? Recommend a Rum

Pyrat XO is my go to

Granted at $25/fifth it isn't exactly cheap, but I like to stock something I enjoy sipping or mixing, and for me it fits the bill. Great smooth rich taste and aroma. In my book, of the rums I've tried, it makes the best rum coke.
—Guest Brad


the best rum in the world is El Dorado rum from Guyana. Always voted the best over the years.

Black Cat Gold

Made in Suriname. Cheaper than water locally, tricky and expensive to get shipped. Flavorful, and sweet enough to drink straight. Reminiscent of sugarcane.
—Guest Keely

Simply the Best

If you haven't tried this rum you are missing the great taste of the islands. Angostura Rums from Trinidad are some of the finest in the business. My favourite is Royal Oak. Each bottle has a serial number on it and comes in a distinctive metal case. Amber in colour with a rich rum taste. Great over ice or in a cola mix. Hard to find in Canada or U.S. I always have a bottle or two spare around after my trips cruising the Caribbean.
—Guest James Leal

By far the best deal...

Tanduay Superior 12 yr old dark rum. Available only in the Philippines and nearby Asian venues (as far as I've discovered) easily competes with Havana Club at 1/10 the price. Best rum deal in the world if you can find it!
—Guest Firecoral

Why is the rum gone?

Because it's so good it's been drank....Gosling's Family Reserve Old Rum is my fave
—Guest Richie

Sailor Jerry Spiced Rum

I like to use rum in baking as well as for cocktails. I have tried over the years many different brands and colors. My favorite rum is definitely Sailor Jerry. It has the aroma of rum and vanilla and the other spices are not overbearing, which gives it a smooth taste.
—Guest Kristins

Missing rums

Myers and Lambs are only mentioned once. yet both have varieties that range to dark. Why? What about Havana Club and it 3, sometimes 4, classifications? Better than Bacardi, none of which I like or serve, any day of the week.
—Guest David


I know its only available in Australia but you cant have a rum list without something from Bundaberg rum on it.. http://www.bundabergrum.com.au/
—Guest BundyFTW

Lemon Hart 151

Although I enjoy Barbancourt 5 Star, Kraken, and Pyrat XO, nothing beats Lemon Hart 151 demerara rum. I use it in every recipe that calls for a 151 proof rum and in spite of the alcohol content, I routinely sip this neat. The flavor is so bloody rich and delicious, words fail me. And a Zombie just isn't a Zombie without it!
—Guest Mr Retsej

Great Rum

Barbancourt 5 star and Flor de Cana are both excellent choices.
—Guest Jeff

It came from the deep...

I am not a rum guy at all. Whiskey is my poison of choice. But, my flatmate bought some Kraken dark rum that I legitimately enjoyed.
—Guest NotARumGuy

Sangster's Jamaican Rum Cream

Wonderful, smooth flavor, not overpowering. Reminds you of Bailey's Irish Cream.

rum Yum!

You did not mention the volume the pricing was basesd on. I prefer RonRico light and clear @$17.00 for a 1.75l crowd pleaser
—Guest J Davis

Rum San Pablo from Curacao

Both dark and light rum purchased for $9.- in Florida . Winner of bronze medal at San Fransisco liquor festival
—Guest Pablito Manzana

Recommend a Rum

Which brand of rum can you not live without?

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