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Readers Respond: Which brand of rum can you not live without?

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Rum is a very diverse liquor and it seems that everyone has a favorite, though many people stick with one of the big name brands. Which rum do you recommend for cocktails? Is there a certain rum that you find more versatile than others, a special find that you fell for after the first sip, or one that you recommend for a specific rum cocktail?

Favorite Rum

MY favorite rum when I was drinking was Barcardi, because I was always told that Barcardi was made in Puerto Rico.
—Guest David Moore

Lemon Hart 151

Although I enjoy Barbancourt 5 Star, Kraken, and Pyrat XO, nothing beats Lemon Hart 151 demerara rum. I use it in every recipe that calls for a 151 proof rum and in spite of the alcohol content, I routinely sip this neat. The flavor is so bloody rich and delicious, words fail me. And a Zombie just isn't a Zombie without it!
—Guest Mr Retsej

Great Rum

Barbancourt 5 star and Flor de Cana are both excellent choices.
—Guest Jeff

It came from the deep...

I am not a rum guy at all. Whiskey is my poison of choice. But, my flatmate bought some Kraken dark rum that I legitimately enjoyed.
—Guest NotARumGuy

Sangster's Jamaican Rum Cream

Wonderful, smooth flavor, not overpowering. Reminds you of Bailey's Irish Cream.

rum Yum!

You did not mention the volume the pricing was basesd on. I prefer RonRico light and clear @$17.00 for a 1.75l crowd pleaser
—Guest J Davis

Rum San Pablo from Curacao

Both dark and light rum purchased for $9.- in Florida . Winner of bronze medal at San Fransisco liquor festival
—Guest Pablito Manzana

Favorite rum

I love goslings as well. Has a nice deep flavor. Also apple tons reserve is nice in coke with lime. Tried 10 cane not bad either
—Guest Gerry

Ron Zacapa 23 Year

Smooth as silk and very full of flavor - I don't mix, just sip. Zacapa replaced Barbancourt Five Star as my favorite. Will be trying Zaya - thanks for the reviews....
—Guest Floridian

Ron Diaz

One of the best cheap rums available. Not terribly good, but can't be beat for the price. About $11 for a 1.75.
—Guest mount

Sailor Jerry, give it a try!

Original Sailor Jerry spiced rum is a fun drink very reliable taste and priced for every day drinking, It mixes well taste almost like candy. Pour it over some foods and deserts.
—Guest ReadFinishedMag

favorite rums

Rhum Saint James--a must for the Rhum baba of French dessert fame, as well as a wonderful sipping run and cocktail base. Myers--keep it simple: Myers and Fresh Orange Juice is pretty hard to beat. Mount Gay Pure Sugar Cane Rum--Like both of the above, great for mixing and a fine rum for sipping in a brandy snifter
—Guest JohnJomtien

Small Batch Rum

I took a tour of Prichard's while visiting friends in Tennessee. Maybe it was because I wasn't expecting much but I was blown away by the quality of rum they produced. They make it in small barrels. I liked the single malt, http://www.prichardsdistillery.com/whiskey/single-malt-whiskey.cfm - but it was in the $50 range.
—Guest Paul M.

Favorite Rum

Hi all, There are a lot of good rums out there (and sadly a lot of not so good ones as well), so it's hard to pick, but here are a few of my favorites: Premium Rum Oronoco (Simply the best, IMHO :) Mid-Level Rum Brugal Anejo Cruzan Estate Light Everyday Rum Castillo (somewhat harsh, but at $8.99 a bottle, it is a really good value) Everyday Rum
—Guest foodiedb


First had Zaya in a cigar bar, sipped from a brandy snifter over an hours time.

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