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Readers Respond: Which brands do you turn to to (re)introduce friends to tequila?

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I hear this all the time, particularly about tequila: "I can't drink that stuff anymore." The story usually goes that the person who makes that statement had one (or more) bad experience while drinking tequila shots. More often than not that tequila was a cheap gold and even more common is Jose Cuervo Gold. However I often have to "force" people to reinvent their tequila experiences using premium brands, reposados and anejos. This often works and what I would like to know is which tequilas you recommend to initiate friends to really enjoy this fantastic spirit that deserves a second (and appropriate) chance. Share Your Tequila

AquaRiva Tequila arrives in the US

AquaRiva premium 100% agave tequila has been available in the UK for 2 years and will be launched by brand owner Cleo Rocos in New York in May 2014. A delicate Blanco and Reposado ideal for cocktails and under $30. Already awarded Best of The Best in a blind judging of 257 tequilas in 2012 by tequila.net
—Guest Steve Maroma

Introducing Tequila

Any of the Corralejo levels are very smooth and most enjoyable. We prefer the Reposado over the Anjeo
—Guest john

Olmeca Altos!

I completly agree! Olmeca Altos is one of the best tequillas you can find in the market! The agave is grown in the highlands (Los Altos) of Jalisco where a man called Jesus Hernandez is the clockwork and the father behind the wonderfull taste and great balance of the tequilla! I tried blanco, reposado, anejo and i never want to go back to any other tequilla! 100% agave and 100% love in tequilla making goes a long way.

Tequila recomending

I would have to agree with sunil. The El Tesoro anejo has a great flavor profile because the flavors are easy to identify. But if I could, La Crema Mezcal, its not "tequila" but it's really close and smoky.

Introduce Friends to Tequila

To (re)introduce Tequila to friends/customers/clients, the first thing we need to do is break away from the general assumption that Tequila is meant to be drunk as a shot with salt and lemon or any other 'chaser'! So, I would start out by selecting the correct glass. A small glass that tapers to enhance the smell and tasting experience. Then, as for the brand, it has to be a reasonably priced 100% Blue Agave Tequila. Most consumers(and most definitely all of my friends!) are price sensitive these days, but less expensive definitely does not have to mean poor quality! In today’s industry, we can demand to have both! Smooth and balanced with strong AGAVE flavours! Preferably something made with traditional production methods, distilled by a master in his craft... One brand comes to mind immediately: Olmeca Altos Reposado. Distilled by Jesus Hernandez. Sweet with citric with a robust yet pleasant body, with Agave, vanilla and woody flavours. Served chilled with Sangrita on the side.

nearly all tequilas are good

As everything if you are responsible drinker and don't use tequila as excuse for the last shot of the night, you can enjoy a night drinking reponsably and I assure you you'll enjoyed, there are tequilas for every occasion and for different cocktails, per say a mixto reposado work woders for a frozen margarita with fruits, the mixto blanco for a natural margarita frozen, 100% reposados depending of the profile of your drink, anejos and extra anejos just as it come are perfect in a cognac glasses or even on the rocks, the tipe of cocktails is your choice not necessarily it has to be sour, it can be also long. sweet, short like an old fashion, manhatan, last worth, sour the list endless..my favourites are Tequileno (mixto), jose cuervo tradicional plata and reposado, centenario plata, 1800 plata, reposado, anejo, reserva de la familia and platino, calle 23, ocho, olmeca los altos, el Tesoro, tapatio...and all available at uk market

Campeon 100% Blue Agave Tequila

Tequila is still my favorite distilled spirit. I learned how to make the best margaritas in college! Since then I've purchased better grade tequilas greatly improving shots and tequila cocktails. I've found Campeon 100% Blue Agave in either Silver, Reposado or Anejo to be incredibly smooth with a great balanced taste, delicious. I made amazing margaritas with the Campeon 100% Blue Agave Reposado last weekend. The best place to find it is at BevMo's.
—Guest Rachel


tried Cazadores recently + was impressed. I have about 15 brands (none over $35) and as long as it's 100% agave, it's fine.
—Guest Barlee


El Tesoro anejo :- I recall introducing this brand to some people who had never done tequila shots and the reaction was yummm!!!
—Guest sunil

Readers Respond: Which brands do you tur

First, surprised that someone is calling out a margarita recipe of agave nectar, water (to thin the nectar), lime juice and añejo... With the right añejo, that's a great version of a Margarita. Regardless, the recipe is ideal (Look up Tommy's Margarita, thank me later). As for tequila brands to drink, each person should settle on what THEY like, but only after tasting a lot of different brands first. My shortlist of suggestions to sip: Ocho, Casa Noble, El Tesoro, Fortaleza, T1, Fina Estampa, Alquimia & Siembra Azul. If you still want to drink many of the brands already called out here after trying these, so be it - at least you can say you have tried what many consider to be some of the best made stuff on the market.
—Guest Tequilaphile

Don Julio 1942, approx. $90/750ml

Tequila has been my liquor of choice for over 30 years and I've tried a lot of different brands. I've had some bad tequila experiences and some really great ones. I bought my first bottle of 1942 a couple years ago. An absolutely amazing range of flavors and an excellent finish. If you want to make margaritas, buy the cheap stuff. If you're looking to sip on a smooth, great-tasting tequila, this is probably the best you can get for less than $100.
—Guest cincymike


Gold or Silver, either is a great agave at a surprisingly low price.
—Guest Espolon

Best Tequila Re-introduction brands

First one Riazul Anejo ladies you will like this Second is 1942 (Don Julio Anejo) so very silky smooth
—Guest Jason W

I have two

Love the Kirkland brand of anejo tequila, bought it for a camping trip and it went over well with everyone. Also Hussong tequila, love the taste and the awesome clay bottle and both are easy on the wallet.
—Guest Renaeshort

Hornitos Anejo

After having a shot of Hornitos Anejo straight up I can't tolerate anything else. This is simply the best.
—Guest Ronald

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Which brands do you turn to to (re)introduce friends to tequila?

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