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Readers Respond: Which brands do you turn to to (re)introduce friends to tequila?

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I hear this all the time, particularly about tequila: "I can't drink that stuff anymore." The story usually goes that the person who makes that statement had one (or more) bad experience while drinking tequila shots. More often than not that tequila was a cheap gold and even more common is Jose Cuervo Gold. However I often have to "force" people to reinvent their tequila experiences using premium brands, reposados and anejos. This often works and what I would like to know is which tequilas you recommend to initiate friends to really enjoy this fantastic spirit that deserves a second (and appropriate) chance.

Patron Cafe XO

I'm not a tequila drink but lately my favorite nightcap is the Patron Cafe XO. It is great to sip over ice and hits the spot when I'm having a sweet tooth craving!

Don't hate....

I f I can afford it, Don Julio. But, given that that is usually not the case (unless I'm going on a Caribbean cruise), I have found I like Sauza BLUE...which is hardish to find and I go out of my way to travel to the store that carries it.

what brand of tequela do you choose to r

two fingers because of th greatmemoris associated with it and the smoothnessof it it is the only brand that i can enjoy drinking by the shot with a bite of lemon
—Guest joyce jackson

Top Shelf Organic "TEQUILA ORO De Jal."

Tequila ORO De Jalisco, is a TOP SHELF product... Certified Organic production and Product. No Additives... ever, color & taste patented process passed along through family generations...!!

Mateo for El Duende

El Perdido Tequila by Phillip Soto Mares - just try it.
—Guest Mateo

KAH all the way!!

I love KAH. The blanco, reposado, and (especially) the añejo are the most delicious tequilas! What a unique brand!
—Guest Phil

Tequila Society

I have been involved in the boutique tequila business for many years. You will almost always find the best tequilas from the small producers as they put huge amounts of care and pride into their products. The only mass produced tequila I can say is enjoyable is Heradura Blanco or Repo. If you want to treat yourself to a new brand that is light years ahead of everyone else, try AQUARIVA Tequila. It is the creation of an English actress, Cleo Rocos and is one of the best tequilas I have ever tasted. It is especially good in Margaritas. Steve
—Guest Steve Maroma


KAH (meaning life in ancient Mayan) is my favorite tequila the blanco and reposado are great and the packaging is based upon day of the dead skulls(vessels)
—Guest Bry

Tequila "Herradura Reposado"

Affordable and delicious......a perfect tequila to my taste.
—Guest araucano


Dagave is it and I have the proof. New Years Eve Viceroy Bar Snowmass, Colorado - Shots of tequila were being offered to celebrate the New Year. The bartender served Dagave gold but recommended I sip it not shoot it... I did. Wow it was definitively a tequila to sip, so I sipped another and another and... Apparently Dagave is made right here in the good ole' USA and is totally organic which is why I feel so great this morning. Not really sure where you can get some for your friend, just know it's made in Colorado, it would be my recommendation.
—Guest Tequila drinker

Better than Mexican tequilas

THE BEST is made in Colorado USA by Dagave .Better than all the rest. You've gotta try it !
—Guest Mark


The ultimate sipping tequila that is fantastic over ice. This is agave tequila with a liquor mixed. Can be hard to find but easily recognized by the beautiful blue bottle
—Guest Carlee

Magave Tequila

this is the smoothest tequila, straight out of Tequila, Mexico I have ever tasted. My favorite is the reposado and the anjo but my girl really liked the blanco. There is nothing that compares to that. And the bottles are the most beautiful glass art I have seen.


This Tequila is my all time favorite! Has an excellent taste, and a great pleasure to sip. It's a little hard to find but a great treasure. Now on the hunt to taste "LUNAZUL.

Juarez Gold, a wonderful surprise.

I usually only drink 100% Agave, because anything else does not work well with me. But, Juarez Gold is a GREAT tasting mix tequila. It makes great margaritas AND is only $10.99 for a liter at my local BJ's. For the price & taste, you can't go wrong with Juarez Gold.
—Guest SouthFLHitnRun
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